By Charlie Hutton 

February 28, 2021 Charlie Hutton

I’ll be honest, over the last six months, my exercise has gone to rat shit.

A long-standing, non-negotiable, daily standard that I’d let get kicked to the kerb and put out to pasture when the going got tough.

Under the circumstances, I guess it’s no big deal but four weeks ago, as I looked at my jowls jangling in the mirror, I decided enough was enough and have reignited a daily “date with the weights.”

Granted it’s at home, but the fact of the matter is beggars can’t be chooses.

Anyway 28 days in and once again I’m feeling alive.

The body’s pumped…

The mind is primed…

And the mental motivation is pushing past plateaus.

The funny thing is there’s always been something about pumping iron that gets me jacked:

  1. It’s systemised – follow a plan, get results
  2. It’s measured – track the numbers, get results
  3. It’s rise & repeat – keep doing what works, get results

Or in other words a philosophy of man, that lives and dies by a code of just…

“Shut the fuck up and train…”

… that is of course IF you want to get results!

Now I don’t know about you, but in my experience, every day you train is like judgement day. 

Each rep matters.

Each lift matters.

There’s no time for talk.

You are competing with yourself, against yourself.

All that matters is moving weight.

Nothing else.

The same mental attitude, dogeared determination and grit that serves all too well for many self-men in this game too.

… Because the rule of thumb and mantra for money, man and freedom, is EXACTLY the same:

System + Measurement + Repetition = Results

A formula that this week, and on the back of Monday’s announcement, I’d urge you to write down and start leveraging with speed and full force.

As the gates start to creep open, the spoils will go to the men that are ready and willing, right now, to “shut the fuck up”  and do what needs to be done in these three areas alone:

  • Systems
  • Measurement
  • Repetition

Make More. Provide More. Be More.


PS. This week is looking like when my NEW book will be going to press. 

… I’m not 100% sure yet, so keep an eye out for updates this week and as they happen.

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By Charlie Hutton 

February 21, 2021 Charlie Hutton

So I’ve got good friends out of California.

And yesterday they sent over some of the state-sponsored Valentines PR being rammed down their throats.

The message:

“Love means staying away…” 

… Or in other words, over the last 7 days, California taxpayers have been footing the bill for financing fear over fornication.

“Only in America,” I hear you say… 

Hmmm, afraid not, because that’s only the half of it.

As I drove home this week I heard similar rumblings on my UK radio:

“Look him in the eyes and tell him you always keep a safe distance…”

Powerful shit.

But none the less, messaging that’s formed from the darkest of all persuasion formulas:

Shame + Guilt = Compliance

Now I get it, but what about a little HOPE…

What about a little POSITIVITY…

Or what about a little “ATTA BOY,” every now and then from the political puppets to the motivated men who are still managing to move mountains and keep the wheels of commerce turning…

So this week, and while others would rather have you in state of force-fed fear over financial freedom, let me say to you and the other smart ambitious self-made men in this tribe…

I Salute YOU.

Your willingness to keep sacrificing what others won’t today, to have what others want tomorrow is beyond belief.

The fact that you continue to fight the temptation to do nothing and continue to keep getting shit done, regardless of everything else going on, is the reason the One Man Empire movement started in the first place.

It’s a privilege and an honour to stand shoulder to shoulder with you each and every Sunday.

Remember, this shit show will be over sooner rather than later.

So right now, and despite the fear factory – it’s time to keep reloading, keep re-calibrating, keep re-engaging and keep punching every week square in the mouth.

Make More. Provide More. Be More

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By Charlie Hutton 

February 14, 2021 Charlie Hutton

There’s an old Japanese proverb that says: 

“Fall down seven times, get up eight”

Which if the rumblings from the men inside of the Fellowship at Wednesday’s closed-door Think Tank are a measuring stick – couldn’t be more relevant this week.

Seems as this shit show continues even the most ambitious men among us are suffering from impulses to give in…

  • Tempers taking control…
  • Fear starting to creep…
  • And ambition forcing frustration…

Mental masturbation of mediocrity at its worse.

Truth is, and over the last month, I too have felt the walls starting to crumble…

For me, a situation made worse by the fact, this week, Barney’s laptop went to rat-shit and I had to transition between protector, teacher and IT support.

I mean FUCK, what do I know about laptops, spelling or adverbs 🙂

Truth is, it’s at times like these and when at our darkest hour, the greatest self-made men in history will always be forged.

Rising from the ashes of our own personal fires of hell by choosing to keep on fighting – no matter what.

You see, by simply understanding the fact that shit will always go sidewise, pandemic or no pandemic, you and I, my friend, start to take back control.

While others refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and continue to blame outside forces – opportunity awaits.

I’ve spoke two men this week in hospitality, who were MANDATED to shut their doors and shut-up-shop BUT chose to GET BACK UP – regardless.

The net result being, 10 months on, they are both now sitting on a goldmine.

So this week, I’d have you consider that while others are worried about attacks from the outside, I’d urge you, my friend, to be warier of the mental masturbation happening on the inside.

You see, failures in this life are never done to us, but BY US. 

Meaning, you and I are our own worst enemies.

Making this week your defining moment and a glaring opportunity.

An opportunity to choose to see the wood through the trees…

An opportunity to choose to GET BACK UP…

And an opportunity to choose to do others won’t today, to have what others want tomorrow.

Make More. Provide More. Be More

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By Charlie Hutton 

February 7, 2021 Charlie Hutton

My mum asked me yesterday…

“Charlie did you see on the news about – …”

I stopped her dead in her tracks because I didn’t see it.

I knew that without her finishing her sentence because the truth is, I consciously force myself to avoid the news and mainstream media at all costs.

You see, if the facts from Netflix’s groundbreaking “Social Dilemma” documentary are to be believed, then men like you and I would be wise to be wary of cognitive contamination from:

  • Social platforms
  • Political puppets
  • Mainstream media

… Their ability to deal in non-meaningful specifics, with words like “could,” “might” and “maybe” sow seeds of doubt at every turn. 

Choosing to underplay good economic news while over-exaggerating the bad – or in other words, they have a habit of force-feeding fear.

That is…

  • The fear of poverty, 
  • The fear of criticism,
  • The fear of ill health, 
  • The fear of love loss, 
  • The fear of old age, 

… and the fear of death.

Six fundamental fears that do nothing but fuck with the minds of even the strongest self-made men by installing negative thoughts. 

The trouble being that negative thoughts lead to negative acts, and negative acts lead to negative action. Negative action being nothing but procrastination through a fear of making a decision.

It’s why this week and as lock down continues, I’d urge you to protect your mind from intruders at all costs.

As this new economy emerges, only the strong-minded self-made man will survive. 

Meaning weak will and negative thought, in any form, and in any media, is contagious, can have catastrophic consequences and should be avoided, eradicated and exterminated without a second look.

There are so many hours in the day, and when push comes to shove, men like you and I do not have the luxury of being able to be sidetracked or sideswiped by those who would rather you be in a state of fear over fortune.

Sounds like some pumped up hippy shit I know, but trust me, by doing this one thing alone, you can finally focus on what you can control.

  • YOU.

Make More. Provide More. Be More

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By Charlie Hutton 

January 31, 2021 Charlie Hutton

Ok – so if I see another post today about resilience I think I’m gonna end it. 

For the last 7 days straight, all I’ve had rammed down my throat is that the mantra for the modern man should always be “Failure is not an option…”

Well, I’m calling BULLSHIT.

Because in my experience, there will always be POWER in failure.

You see in no other state do men like you and I have the opportunity to clear the mind of fear and start moving in a new direction.

For it is only in failure that the self-made man is FORCED to leave one journey and start another.

… And I don’t know about you, but in my experience, that’s the forcing of decisions that in the cold hard light of day and when push comes to shove – were overdue and a long time coming.

Truth be told, there is nothing more empowering than burning shit to the ground and starting again with a clear head.

… Because here’s the thing they don’t teach about failure:

Failure is the opportunity to test your metal and self-discipline under fire…

Failure is the opportunity to discover NEW truths that would be ignored without it.

Failure is the chance and the opportunity to see first hand how much will power, grit and determination you really have…

The fact of the matter is, if you study the most successful men, ever to walk the planet, you will find without exception, their success is directly related to experiencing vanquish before victory.

See, failure will always be a friend, not foe, of the self-made man.

So this week, and at all costs, I’d urge you to consider that any and all failings, if harnessed the right way – will be the true making of any man of value.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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