By Charlie Hutton 

January 17, 2021 Charlie Hutton

Just one more month…

Just one more job… 

Just until I’ve got that money over the line….

The all too common mantra and daily declaration of “just…”

The trouble being, that fateful word, for too many men in this game, is nothing more than a precursor to a BIG FAT LIE.

A crippling curse that leads most drowning in a sea of overwhelming and the the kind of bullshit we force-feed ourselves on a daily basis, that keeps us stuck in the day-to-day grind. 

You know the drill…

“Just one last time and then tomorrow I’ll start to make a change…”

Trouble is, tomorrow never comes and shit never changes.

Simply because these kinds of lies, give men like you and I, permission to keep doing what we’ve always done.

… Until one day you wake up and realise – FUCK, a lifetime’s been spent building a something you hate. 

And here’s the reality my friend, when you are the man at the helm of the ship only YOU have to start to determine what the priority is TODAY and right now..

Point being, if you want something better, something bigger, something more then…


So this week, forget the “just one more” bullshit and start making a shift towards the light right now and at this moment.

For it’s those men among us that start eradicating the lies, eradicating the excuses and the eradicating bullshit that can finally start taking what they deserve.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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By Charlie Hutton 

January 10, 2021 Charlie Hutton

The question of 2020 and the BIG question of the New Year so far.

Truth is and as I’m sat writing this, I’ve got Barney being homeschooled next to me and even I’ve started thinking – fuck how much longer is shit going to go on? 

Seems everything right now is un-normal and on fire.

… But today, I’ll have you consider that this is not true.

See, despite what the mass media and flakes on Facebook would have you believe, this is not ‘unprecedented.’

This shit is nothing new. 

The history books tell tales of pandemics, recessions, and riots affecting the self-made man since the dawn of time… and in my experience, history has a funny way of repeating itself.

The fact of the matter is, men like us, have faced shit like this, and worse, in every decade since day dot.

The only real surprise is that most are surprised.

Sure, IF given a choice, it’s not what you want and it’s not what I want… BUT that’s the point my friend, there is zero choice. 

  • This is here. 
  • This is now. 
  • This is normal. 

Meaning, for those men that continue to use this week to sit on the sidelines and ‘wait it out,’ I have bad news – the game is already over and you are already dead in the water.

For those men among us, however, that this week CHOOSE to accept this as normality, CHOOSE to use it fuel to stoke the fire, and CHOOSE to keep moving forward no matter what – the spoils await.

You see history also tells us that the gods will always smile on the man of action who enters each and every situation with boldness, at full throttle and with zero regrets.

This, my friend, is where legends are made.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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By Charlie Hutton 

January 3, 2021 Charlie Hutton

Twelve months ago to the day and inside of The Iron Bulletin I made five bold predictions for 2020…

Now on reflection, for the first time in six years, I missed the mark with every single one.

Probably something to do with the fact that not even I saw the shit show that was 2020 coming. 

Three days into 2021 and with news that multiple vaccines are rolling out, it feels like this year will be different and that means…

Right Now (As In TODAY) Is A Pivotal Moment Of Decision 

Because as 2021 kicks in, men like you and I have a choice to make…

  • Play the victim…
  • Hope for change… 
  • Rely on others…

… Or CHOOSE to step-up and TAKE BACK CONTROL.  

Either way – 2021 must be a year of OWNING decisions. 

Good and bad. 

The truth is, your results (or lack thereof) this year will be on you and on the decisions you make today and every day moving forward. 

Hiding from action until the vaccines get fully rolled out, will mean the opportunity is already lost. 

So this week, and in this moment of decision, what’s it gonna be – Rise or Die?

My choice is already made and 2021 has already been punched square in the mouth so let’s do this.

Make More. Provide More. Be More

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By Charlie Hutton 

December 27, 2020 Charlie Hutton

So I don’t know what it’s like in your house, but in mine, and just two days after Christmas – I’m already bored, and my mind is already scheming.

… Probably something to do with the utter shit that Barney has on the TV.

I mean, and after all, since when did watching someone else playing Minecraft become something that could, or should be watched for 2 hours straight.

Point being, Boxing Day is when I start looking for opportunities – and in my experience, there’s no bigger opportunities than in how things are sold.

… Or more importantly, ruthlessly ripping apart and dissecting the selling PROCESS, from head to toe.

So today, and as the shit continues to be played on the big screen, by the kids at home, here are the three things I’d urge most to urgently start considering about how they sell:

1) WHO is doing the selling and to WHO?

… Is this a match and is this what is expected?

2) WHERE is the selling taking place? 

… Is that place designed to make sales happen and get people over the line?

3) WHEN does the selling occur? 

… Is it organised or is it just random?

Truth is, the answer to those three questions alone are what could make all of the difference as this next few weeks kick in and the new economy takes grip.

It only goes to show that as the new year rolls in, the victor will be the man that is willing to start changing today what most won’t consider changing tomorrow.

Make More. Provide More. be More.

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By Charlie Hutton 

December 20, 2020 Charlie Hutton

I’ve spent 3 days this week in a Premier Inn in Lichfield.

… Out of choice and to finally get a new One Man Empire book out of my head, over the line, and off to the publishers.

Truth is with this year being this year, it’s about 6 months behind schedule and in my experience when shit’s gotta get done, you’ve sometimes gotta remove all distractions, lock yourself in a box and put the hammer down.

Anyway as the dust settled, and the last words got committed to paper I updated what it means to be a man at the helm of a business TODAY and right now.

Consider it the NEW One Man Empire manifesto and something to remember this week as the dust starts to settle on 2020 and you prepare to punch 2021 square in the mouth.

Here goes…

A One Man Empire  Is A New Breed Of Self Made Man…

A Provider, A Protector, A Freedom Seeker…

A One Man Empire believes that this game, that we call business, was as calling… He took the leap of faith to ‘go it alone’ even when everyone else around him told him it wasn’t going to work

He had the guts and determination to succeed standing on his own two feet. 

He’s not shackled by the drudge of the daily grind. He fights the temptation to do nothing and just get shit done.

 He knows he alone is responsible for what he will become, and nothing terrifies him more than becoming part of the mass mediocre majority. 

Being a One Man Empire is his calling. He is willing to sacrifice what others won’t today, to have what others want tomorrow.

A One Man Empire will always double down on himself and is always willing to do whatever it takes. He sees the word “unemployable” as a badge of honour to be worn with pride… And he knows every day, every action, every interaction and every decision is an opportunity to stack the deck in his favour.  

One Man Empires:

  • Make More.
  • Provide More.
  • Be More.



Make More. Provide More. Be More. 

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