By Charlie Hutton 

May 11, 2021 Charlie Hutton

A tweet from my homeboy Warren Buffet:

“Surround yourself with people that push you to do better…

… No drama or negativity.

… Just higher goals and higher motivation.

… Good times and positive energy.

… No jealousy or hate.

… Simply bring out the absolute best in each other.”

Well, that says it all.

… And probably explains why the iron men of The Fellowship always seem to get radical results:


PS. Funnily enough, I’m reading Warrens biography again at the moment…

  • No tools…
  • No tactics…
  • No shiny objects…

… Just lots of what really matters when it comes to men like you and I moving the dial:

Strategy, experience and smarts.

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By Charlie Hutton 

May 9, 2021 Charlie Hutton

I’m a lair.

In fact at the time of writing this, it’s 11.34am and I’ve lied three times already today…

Not little white lies, but big fucking lies that will come back to bite me in the ass later this week.

Let me explain:

Lie #1 – I’d get up at 6.30am.

… The truth is 6.30am rolled around and I thought fuck it, what harm is 10 more minutes.

Lie #2 – I’d train before Barney’s rugby practice.

… Didn’t happen. I’ve put it off till later this evening once Barney’s in bed.

Lie #3 – I’d spend “two seconds” checking book sales…

… Thirty four minutes later, I’m tweaking campaigns and emailing the media buyer.


… I mean fuck, if a man can’t keep his word to himself on the little things, what hope is their on the bigger stuff.

After-all, you have to start to consider the bigger impact on this kind of firsthand failure of trust.

Because here’s the rub and the big problem with the little mental lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis:

  • You stop trusting you…
  • You stop believing in you…
  • You start double guessing you… 

… And at a time when no one else seems to give a shit, that’s a worrying place for any self made man of value to be found.

Meaning today and moving forward this week, you, I, and the other smart ambitious men in this tribe would be wise to monitor the internal dialogue.

Making it your moral obligation to cut the crap and stop the self-induced  falsehoods, affirmations and dangerous deceptions.

Starting to make a conscious effort of being a man of your word to who it matters most: 


Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton

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By Charlie Hutton 

May 6, 2021 Charlie Hutton

This might make you smile – a review from fresh in from Peter on my new book.

“An egoistic chaotic collection of rants, littered with profanities, an utter waste of time! The first book I threw in the can as soon as I was done with it! ‘Caging the customer behind automated responses’ is the sole msg…”

Holy shit – tell me how it is Peter why don’t you!!

… Anyway I’m old enough in the tooth for comments like this to be like water off a duck’s back.

Truth is, if I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that you can’t please everybody.

In fact, and when push comes to shove you’d be wise to consider that when it comes to marketing (and sales) you should agitate as much as you attract. 

… Because now more than ever, and in any market, if you are boring you are broke.

The reality being, that if right now, you are dealing with pain in the arse customers, who are drilling you down on price while you are trying to get more cash through the door and in the bank.

Then considering how to actively repel these kinds of arseholes becomes your number one priority… AND an essential part of your marketing SYSTEM.

Or in other words, the power of a process that attracts good money and repels the bad.

Anyway, more than enough on that.

… I think we’ll officially consider Peter repelled from ever stepping foot inside of this environment.

I suspect he wouldn’t last five minutes and his attitude would get eaten alive by the smart ambitious men around the table.

That all said, if you want to see what all the controversy is about, and if you haven’t yet done so already, you can still snag a FREE copy of the book here.

You just have to give me your address and cover the postage and packing.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

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By Charlie Hutton 

May 4, 2021 Charlie Hutton

So I had a blazing row with Emma yesterday… 

Apparently she thinks my vitamin habit is nothing more than dumb fuckery of the highest order.

Something to do with what she calls:

“Falling victim to mass marketing and the placebo effect…”

Truth is, and now I’ve had a chance to cool down, she’s probably right.

Especially on the placebo effect.

… BUT here’s what I don’t understand about that.

If the results are the same, who gives a fuck.

Sugar pill or real pill – if it fixes the problem who really cares.

I certainly don’t.

Funny thing is, the placebo effect, and how it can dramatically improve the way that men like you and I play this game, works in the EXACT same way.

A phenomena that I’ve seen laid bare, and in front of my eyes, from the last three men to step foot inside of The Fellowship.

… Each coming to their first rapid deployment sessions with more achieved in the 4 weeks running up to their baptism of fire than they’d achieve in the previous 12 months…

… AND that’s BEFORE speaking to me or any of the other men around this table.

A profit powered placebo that one man described as:

“Finally BELIEVING in himself and that he could do it…”

A money marvel that meant he hit his twelve month revenue target in just five short weeks – WITHOUT even officially starting.

Anyway, point it this…

As usual Emma was right – yet…

Placebo or not, who gives a fuck if you get results.

… Because, in my experience there’s a funny thing that happens when you start to believe in the possibility that something will work and something will get you what you want…

It usually does.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

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By Charlie Hutton 

May 2, 2021 Charlie Hutton

I don’t know if you’ve got kids…

Yes or no, it’s kind of irrelevant.

But the comment I heard this morning, at Barney’s rugby training, was not…

A throwaway remark, most would miss, but for men like you or I, never more instructive words have ever been spoken.

That comment:

“I’m NOT a morning person…”

Five words muttered by one mum, as she relived the horror of having to get up for 9am – after 12 months of being locked-up and locked-down.

Now here’s the thing, for the self made man and if history has proved anything, it’s that in my experience, you are ALWAYS what you think.

… Or in other words, if you my friend, think that you are not a morning person –  guess what? 

You won’t be getting your arse out of bed.

A natural phenomenon that people wiser than me would call a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now it got me thinking…

Because on multiple times this week I’ve said…

“My spelling is shit…”

“My handwriting is terrible…”

“And my back is goosed…”

… The kind of arsehole thinking and self fulfilling prophecies that once spoke will almost certainly become fact.

Anyway, back to this morning, and back the touchline at rugby.

Because Needless to say, I chose not to pull this particular woman aside and talk her through the intricacies of this principle and these prophecies.

I suspect my time would have been wasted and my mantra for protecting the mind, mocked..

That said, this week, and unlike the mass mediocre majority, you would be wise to take head of the lesson laid bare.

… That means starting to consider today, that there is no doubt, that whatever you think about yourself (good or bad), it will always be 100% true, AND always be self fulfilled.

So best start thinking good.

It comes back to One Man Empire Iron Law #4:

“Never Think Like An Arsehole.” 

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

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