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Are You Profitable (And Still Broke)?

September 23, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

September 23, 2022

Got this from Pete in Edinburgh.

“Charlie I’ve read your Great British Bloodbath article three times and you’re 100% on the money. I’m profitable, BUT I’m already starting to see payments come in later and later and later – bastards!! Question – is it really going to be that bad? Can’t I just wait this out?”

I’ll get to the answer to Pete’s question in a moment – it’s instructive. 

… But first things first, if unlike Pete you’ve not made the decision to read last week’s dispatch at least three times, I’d urge you to drop everything and do that now.

You’ll thank me for it when you’re still profitable and putting food on the table six months down the line – just click below (it’s a 17-minute read)


Anyway back to Pete’s question, the magnitude of this great new depression, and what it means for us’ens at the helm of our own business.

The reality is this:

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

In fact, it’s time to seriously consider the possibility that what you are seeing right now is only the beginning.

Case in point, last week and with a nation distracted, they quietly announced food prices are now at a 14-year high.

Safe to say that’s not good for you, me or anyone else, whose moral compass means they are compelled to provide and protect.

… Because right now what you now need to make — to just stand still — is double.

It’s money maths 101.

If costs go up 20%. 

And what you make only goes up 10%.

You’re still down ten points.

… even though you’re technically making more money.

A slippery slope to the bottom of fucked up beyond all recognition. 

And a painful reality that means if you want to put more money in your back pocket – you’ve got to grow by 30%, 40% maybe even 50% to see some return on your effort.

… Or in other words:

“Staying calm and carrying on” does not cut the mustard.

See, men that don’t act right now are on a one-way ticket to hell in a handbasket… 

More work. More hassle. More overwhelm.


Less money. Less time. Less freedom.

It’s why right now procrastination needs to take a bullet to the head…

And priorities and execution need to rule the roost.

Meaning what you do next is pivotal…

It’s going to get tough.

There is already blood in the water…

The sharks are starting to circle…

And there is little room for error.

So if you feel that this game would be easier, simpler, or quicker if you decided to get some help, then it’s time to consider your next step simple.

Submit your urgent application to come and join us.

>> https://www.theonemanempire.com/the-alliance/

When you do, my mission for you is simple…

… help YOU profit from and avoid some of the most “unthinkable” events and financial squeezes I see coming to punch you and your business square in the face.

After all the numbers prove this process works. 

The feedback from the men already on this journey has been nothing but earth-shattering.

In fact, if their results are a measuring stick for what happens when you start this journey, you can be safe in the knowledge that this will do what you want – even in this new world.

So here’s what it really boils down to.

Now is the time to do this.

This movement, this group, The Alliance, is helping everyday men at the helm of their own business to become bulletproof by taking back control – for good.

But, brother, the choice is yours… 

And you don’t have long to decide.

The fat lady is about to start singing.

And once she does, it might already be too late.

So let’s do this.

Say YES to this opportunity.

Join the close-knit men of The Alliance

I believe you’re our kind of man.

I believe you’re poised to profit during the turmoil to come.

And I believe you’ll never sit back and abandon your family or your financial freedoms.

>> https://www.theonemanempire.com/the-alliance/

Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton 


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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