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Cunningly easy way competitors beat you

February 28, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

February 28, 2023

A true story about romance.

Around Valentine’s, my son (Barney) told me he had his first crush. 

He wanted to give his crush a Valentine’s card but was concerned. 

Alex in his class also had a crush on this girl.  

High drama for 9-year-olds and we had a talk. 

“How would you feel if you decided not to give her a card? And Alex did?”

The thought of competition and losing spurred Barney into action.

He decided to give her a card. 

Playground romance is now on the cards. 

And it reminded me of this: 

Indecision always gives your competitors the edge. 

See when you’re at the helm of a business, all decisions sit firmly at your door. 

…which is often overwhelming as hell. 

So you put things off, put your head in the sand, and put the brakes on.

And you end up stuck, slowly sinking towards plateau. 

Yet what most don’t realise until it’s too late?

Indecision gives your competitors the edge. 

Because if they start today, and you don’t start for another 7 months…

They are 210 days ahead. 

It’s handing them the win on a silver platter. 

Starting today will get you further than if you start next week… next month… or next year. 

Results aren’t rocket science. 

It’s a simple act, make the decision and show up. 

And maybe you’ve been burnt before, maybe you’ve got cynical, maybe you’re tired. 

Either way, the truth is this…

Every day that you don’t decide, power is lost. 

…And your competitors get the edge over you. 

It’s why the decisions you make today affect what you have tomorrow.

Worst-case scenario from indecision? 

Becoming one of the poor tormented basturds who are forced to start again. 

It’s the choice you make when you dance with the devil of indecision.

So right now if you’ve made the decision to push to 1M+ without an army of employees…  


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