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Do You Tell These Lies To Your Wife?

August 4, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

August 4, 2022

I used to lie way too much… mostly to my wife Emma.

It’s not something I’m proud of. In fact, I’m ashamed to admit it.

These lies were not about big stuff but about small stupid shit.

Like… Did you book that table? Did you take out the bins? Did you pick up the milk?

Seems funny, but it’s the stupid small lies that do the biggest damage to a person and to a relationship.

Why? Because with each lie you tell, the next becomes easier.

It’s like a gravitational pull of weakness that sucks you in! 

And before you know it, you’re in a self-made tornado of shit!

It’s the same thing with excuses!

‘Cause when you make excuses, you train the “arsehole” mechanism in your brain.

It’s like a muscle.

And that’s NOT a muscle you want strong! 

Because men of action like you and I need to be ready to execute not make excuses.

The best way to train for execution?


It’s why the men of The Alliance take a pledge of execution and pay a penance for forgiveness when they don’t follow through.

After all, it’s one thing to promise yourself you’ll execute something.

It’s another to promise 10,15, 20 other men that shit will get done and you will move mountains…

Can you imagine the pressure and internal fire that creates?

That’s what I mean when I say the men here are “forged in fire.”

And the important word here is MEN.

Because like I said in my last email, men are more likely to lie to women than they are to men.

It’s why The Alliance is open to MEN only.

So if you’re ready to STOP the lies, STOP the excuses, and GET REAL RESULTSit’s time to man up and request a seat at the table:


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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