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Do Your Employee’s Mums Do This…?!

August 23, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

August 23, 2022

You’re not gonna believe what I heard last week… 

On our fortnightly Assembly Of The Alliance call one of the men kicked off with this gem: 

“Gentlemen, so today I had the mum, of a member of staff, call me to say that their little snowflake wouldn’t be coming into the office – because he had a cold…”

Turns out the member of staff was 26.

26 years old…?!?!?!

Have we gone so far down the rabbit hole that folks don’t even have the backbone to call in sick – they get their mum to phone instead? 

Fuck me.

Seems the current state of dishonour is worse than even I thought. 

Thank god you and I are still alive and kicking to keep the wheels of commerce turning…

…otherwise, the economy would really be fucked.

If this phone call proves anything, it’s that right now, you would be foolish to rely on others.

Especially when it comes to your livelihood and how you make money. 

Because here is the thing.

This behaviour, this conduct, this attitude, from employees…

It’s here to stay.  

It’s why in this new economy most would be smart to focus on systems and automation – instead of employees.

Now for me and when it comes to systems, my priority for rapid deployment is this:

  1. Marketing Systems – To Maximise Money In.
  2. Sales Systems – To Maximise Profit. 
  3. Follow-Up Systems – To Create Freedom.

Nothing fancy – just simple little systems that do the fucking work.

…24 hours a day

…7 days a week

…in sickness and in health 

…And without ever getting their mum to phone in sick.

Truth is, if you nail these three things to the floor you will have everything you need as a man to:

  • Confidently Produce Quality Leads 
  • Consistently Produce Profitable Customers 
  • Continually Have More Freedom & Control

Most men behind these closed doors say that once they let the machines rise they don’t actually need more people.

The automations do the work of 2, 3, 4 sometimes even 5 employees.

And that’s when the penny drops…

They are set free

Free to grow the business to new heights… Free to focus on other fun projects… Free to make more money, do less work… 

 …Without needing an army of employees.

This new world is here to stay my friend. 

It’s time to shape up or ship out. 

It’s the only way to start getting results.

More on those results, how to deploy these automation and the best way to get help below: 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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