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How to profit from the predictability of others

October 7, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

October 7, 2021

Persuasion lesson today…

It’s on the back of a speech I helped Barney with at the weekend.

I say helped, I just gave him the framework, he then filled in the blanks and did all the work.

… It was something he needed to prepare to persuade the others in his class to give him votes.

Truth is and in my experience, when it comes to persuasion, and getting others to do what you want, the process is pretty simple..

It all boils down to psychology.

And the fact that the people on this planet can be trusted to care about ONE thing, and one thing only.


Bad news for humanity.

Good news for us, and anyone that sells.


Well, knowing what you now know, most would be wise to ONLY focus their sales and marketing efforts on two things:

1. What you will do for THEM…


2. How that will impact THEM.

Let me explain, and give you an example.

In fact let’s take one of Barney’s promises from his speech:

“Free ice cream for good behaviour…”



1) What will he do for THEM.

Persuade the school to give them FREE Ice cream each month.

2) How will that impact THEM.

Their parents can save money on sweet treats and instead have more cash to buy toys!


Now here comes three magic words that tie both one and two together…


… A power punch, that when used can connect the dots and quickly covert customers to cash.

Case in point, and back to Barney’s example: 


“I am going to do my best to persuade the teachers to give us all two FREE Ice cream tokens per month… THIS MEANS THAT your parents can save their money and buy you more toys!”


Powerful shit I think you’ll agree, and just one of the five persuasive promises he pitched using the same framework.

Net result being, he got the most votes and has now claimed his seat on his classes council.

Anyway, the point is this…

If an eight-year-old can use it, so can you.

In fact, if you’re currently selling or marketing anything, you too would be wise to exploit the deep root chinks in humanity’s psychological armour.

Now let me be clear, this kind of subliminal warfare does not favour the timid…

… BUT it does reward the bold.

So my friend, use with caution.

I’m trusting you, and the other smart ambitious men in this tribe, to deploy it on the basis that unlike the bumbling bureaucrats in Boris’ville, you can, and will, deliver on what you promise.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.



Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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