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How to scientifically create time and money out of thin air

May 31, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

May 31, 2022

Questions coming in thick and fast this week.

Today it’s about leveraging automation to create money (and time) out of thin air.

“Charlie – loved that last email. I see you sometimes answer questions, so I figured I’d chance it and send this one in. We’re scaling and I’m looking to automate more tasks off my plate – what are the BIG things to automate first. Jackson (Melbourne)”

A smart question and one that most men in our shoes would be wise to consider – if profit production is the name of the game

However my friend, the word “BIG” is a red herring and will punch even the smartest self-made man square in the face.

Let me explain…

Last week I brought a robot vacuum cleaner.

… And I’ll be honest with you, so far, and 6 days in, this thing has changed my life and I reckon will make me close to £20K this year.

See, on average I spend about 10 minutes a day hovering over the house.

That’s 1 hour a week.

That’s 4 hours a month.

That’s 48 hours a year.

Which when you consider I “work” 8 hours a day…

… Is SIX days per year that I’ve just banked and created out of thin fucking air to focus on productive shit…

… Like making money.

Point being…

I’d urge you, Alex and the other men of this tribe to stop looking to save BIG chunks of time.

It’s a dead cat bounce.

… And instead, start looking to automate small tasks first– at scale and on mass.

It comes back to the Art And Science of compounding.

… And the fact that small savings, compounded over time, always equal BIG results.

Truth is, it’s why the men here inside of The Alliance and The Fellowship are ruthlessly committed to “automate or die” by letting the machines rise.

… Especially as they start to grow and scale – because over time, they get results.

The best part being, that automations (unlike employees), don’t take holidays, don’t get sick and don’t complain.

… They just do the fucking work – rain or shine, in sickness and in health.

More on that here:


… But quickly and before you click the link, I’ll leave you with this…

If you do the hoovering in your house – get a robot vacuum cleaner.

Shit will change the game.

… Next on my list is a robot lawnmower.

Based on the numbers above it’ll be the best £800 I spend this summer.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton



Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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