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I’m Quitting The Alliance?!

September 1, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

September 1, 2022

Question in from Will M about deciding to quit:


“Charlie – The Alliance, looks like a good fit and will do what I want. Quick question before I decide to apply… Why do men quit the group?”


Good question and an instructive answer for you too – if you feel that you might cut the mustard inside of The Alliance.

But first, understand this:

No one has quit the Alliance (yet)…

B-U-T it’s a NEW group. 

So for the sake of fairness let me talk about The Fellowship.

Where over the years men have come and men have gone.

Those that quit fall into two camps. 

The ones that drop out near the start.

The others that voluntarily withdraw 12 months or so down the line.

A conversation that normally goes along the lines of:

“Well Charlie, I know I’m letting myself down, but at least I tried.” 

Or this…

“Charlie, I gave it my best but right now shit is hard.” 

So why do they quit? 

They quit because in that moment they want to quit. 

Most of the time, and when it comes to anything in life, it’s far easier to say…

“Fuck this. Fuck You. I’m outta here!”

Than it is do what really needs to be done.

In other words and in my experience…

Quitters don’t really want to change.

They are happy to half-arse it.

Probably why for some quitting comes easy…

Because they allow themselves the option of quitting before they even start.

Truth is, behind these closed doors, quitting is not in most men’s vocabulary:

These Men Show Up. 

For Themselves And Each Other.

Case in point the numbers.

Because right now the average man has been in the group 33 months.

Now, when you consider that most businesses don’t make it past year one, let alone year three – I’d say that’s a BIG number.

It only goes to prove the fucking impact of what men here do and what results they get.

Anyway, the point is….

If you are the kind of man that goes into something half-arsed, with excuses already made – you need not apply.

In fact, even if you do decide to fill out an application, you will get weeded out at the interview stage.

However, if you are the kind of man that commits to his own cause, regardless of how tough shit gets, then chances are what we do here will work and you will get results.

That all said the place to put your name in the hat and request a seat around this table is here:


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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