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It’s Time To Drink From The Skulls Of Your Enemies…

August 15, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

August 15, 2021

Some would call it a “routine check”…

Me, I’ll call it what REALLY is:

Bullshit and being stabbed in the back.

See, this week, it’s been reported by a Fellowship member that he’s being hung, drawn and quartered, by his own trade association.

Something to do with a minor incident in 2013. 

Something that was instigated by his main competitor…

… And something, that I suspect, is due to the fact that he’s out-earned and out-produced every other man woman or child in their “club” that’s been caught with their pant down over the last 18 months


I think not.

More likely a reinforcement that there is little honour among thieves, the jealous or envious enemies.

Seems even the smallest of successes now come with a target on your back.

A dark mark, that gets the anti-winning, pro-entailment, socialist movement to go off half-cocked and starting biting at the heels of anyone that dares to keep the wheels of commerce turning.

The point being, now more than ever, if you start to see success – the mediocre majority and this movement will start beating their drum, banging on your door and going on the warpath.

A colossus clash of good VS evil, and us VS them.

See – you may think that you are just one man operating at the helm of a small successful business…

… BUT the truth of the matter is, that you my friend, are an essential piece of the puzzle in this battle against mediocrity and the gravitation pull of weakness.

So this week and moving forward, I’m urging you and the other men in this tribe to ruthlessly make more, provide more and be more – in a manner that forces envy, gossip and gripe.

Think of it as applause…

Think of it as a badge of honour.

… And think of this dogeared grit and determination, to do what others refuse to do, as your best contribution to the cause.

This week there has never been a greater time to storm the castle and start drinking from the skulls of your enemies.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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