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Man Code: A TRUE Brotherhood…

September 16, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

September 16, 2021

Sounds odd to say it out loud…

… But on Sunday, I was jealous of Barney.

He was at a birthday party and hanging with his mates – eleven of them.

A tribe and a pack, bound in every way but blood.

Something that I had in droves when in a team and out of the Ice, but something that fast got put on the backfoot as I got older. 

Truth is, it was a natural need for that kind of brotherhood and a man code, that was one of the founding reasons for The Fellowship six years ago.

A place to be considered a safe haven for self-made men of action in this game today…

… Because, with my bags packed in in my darkest hour, I’d started asking myself:

How many people would loan me money? 

How many people could I depend on in this emergency? 

How many people could depend on me?

Now I don’t know what it’s like for you but my answers, at that time, made for sobering reading.

In fact, if the last 6 years behind the scenes of this tribe have taught me anything it’s that most modern men can count on one hand others they can depend on – if the shit really hits the fan.

A reality and state of society today that forces most men in our shoes, towards the dumb-fuckey and gravitational of pull of being left alone in the woods.

The reason why when I saw this post from a Fellowship member, in our private member’s app, and watched the responses came flooding in – I KNEW that this had fast become the salvation for those around the table:

====== THE POST ======

BS [11.13AM]: I’m losing my fuckin head. Has anyone got time for me to vent. I don’t do well writing stuff a phone call would help.

AN [11.15AM]: Mate, here if you need – I’m on 0********* at any time

NM [11.17AM]: B******* happy to help if I can mate – 0*********** 

KL [11.21AM]: Free tomorrow after 3pm – 0***********

TM [11.29AM]: Too late I guess, but if you want to give me a bell. 0***********

MB [11.37AM]: Again  B*******  a bit late but you can call me anytime on 0*********** 

MH [11.42PM]: Ditto – 0***********


That’s six men in the space of thirty minutes, ready to down tools and drop everything because a brother was in need of help.

AKA operating by man code that puts a brother first.

Something that only goes to prove my point last week about the current trend of “lone wolf” douchebaggery.

… Because the fact of the matter is this:

A loner has no one to ask for help…

A loner no one to watch his back…

And a loner no one to guard him when he sleeps. 

See men at the helm of their own destiny will always have a greater chance of success together than we do apart. 

It’s why we have always hunted in packs…

It’s why the most efficient fighting units are always small iron clad teams.

And exactly why the men of The Fellowship, continue to get results.


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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