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My man-flu and your fork in the road

November 25, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

November 25, 2021

Good news, no covid for me. 

Turns out I’m tired and have a bit of what Emma refers to as ‘man flu’.

And I’ll be honest, I am fucked. 

After formulating The Alliance (the brand-new group here at One Man Empire) for the last eight months and launching it HARD for the last two weeks… 

…All woven inside a global tornado of shit, I’m officially ready for the new year. 

Funny thing is, as December rolls around, it’s only natural for men like you and me to reach a fork in the road. 

A crossroads which for most is a declaration around one core article of agreement:

Do You Want 2022 To Be More Of The Same Shit? 

…Or do you want something different, something better and something more from the next twelve months?

Because here’s the thing – I don’t know you.

You may have your act together…

…You may not.

But if I suspect if you’re like most men in this game, deep down and behind that mask, you have a feeling.

A feeling that you’re on the cusp of something big.

A feeling that you’ve got untapped potential.

A feeling that now is your time.

And a feeling that if everyone else plays ball, then next year will be different.

Yet, here’s what you’d be wise to consider about that last feeling:

No One Else Is Coming To Save You. 

Not next year. Not ever. 

The government will continue to increase regulation, red tape and taxes.

This virus will continue to cause panic, uncertainty and shut-downs.

Your customers will continue to haggle on price, make demands and be a pain in the arse.

Your employees will continue to be sick, let you down and make excuses.

Your wife will continue to deserve more of your time, energy and affection.

Your kids will continue to wonder why you’re not present and when you’ll be home.

Meaning, without you choosing to cut the cord and burn the ships, well, 2022 will be more of the same old shit. 

You will continue to be overwhelmed, fatigued and a pawn in everyone else’s game – unless you have the iron discipline to be forged in fire. 

So with less than six weeks until the new year comes knocking… 

Now Is The Time To Make A Move 

Because here’s the thing – YOU, my friend, are the last man standing in your own way…

And in moments like this, men choose action, men step up, men make more, provide more & become more by leveraging opportunities like The Alliance to rise up and be born free.

Discover More About The One Man Empire Alliance Here:


Remember, this is how legends are made.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.


P.S. Applications are closing in just over 24 hrs, 11pm Friday 26th November. 

Go here now to discover if this is for you:



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