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Onslaught Of The Morally Low IQ’s

March 1, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

March 1, 2022

Looks like there’s a worrying trend emerging.

Yesterday was the third time in as many days that a sworn brother of The Fellowship reported that he’d been let down, overcharged and underwhelmed by a lyin’ local marketing agency.

Seems there is little honour among these thieves.

The truth is I’ve never been a big fan of getting others to do marketing for me.

Mainly because when it comes to putting food on the table I like to control what I eat.

See in my experience, having others hunting for you is a dangerous dependency.

You have no control over your own fate.

Especially when you consider the current morality of marketers as a measuring stick.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Charlie, that’s easy for you to say – you seem pretty good at marketing…”

Which is a fair point.

But today here’s what I need you to consider.

Marketing is actually pretty simple.

… and can be mastered by any man of action with one simple framework.

  • Problem
  • Agitate
  • Solve

Or in other words, putting things together that ask your possible prospects this:

  1. Do you have a problem?
  2. Do you realise it’s B-I-G problem?
  3. Do you know I can solve that problem for you? 

It’s nothing more complex than that.

Truth is, posts, promotions and plain old propaganda will always work better when you double down on the problem first.

Trust me.

Try it.

Anyway, the point today is REALLY this:

Be wary of letting others market for you.

Their current state of play, suggests that most have gone rogue and deep down have little consideration for your cause.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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