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Open Letter To The (Stuck-Up) Woman At The School Gates…

November 24, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

November 24, 2020

I got one of those looks at school yesterday…

I think it was something I said, that caused the icy glare from one particular mum…  

Something to do with me promising to take Barney to McDonald’s as be bounded out of class and into my arms.

A sideways glance from one of Middle England’s finest that in my head said:

“You’re a bad parent.  I’d never take my precious child to McDonald’s and fill them full of junk and employ calories. You’re the worst kind of irresponsible man who is a plague on our national health system and to blame for the obesity epidemic in kids. Shame on you. I’d never step foot inside McDonald’s – we dine at pizza express…”

… followed by a “tut”…

Now, truth is, the glance I can live with, BUT the “tut” really pissed me off – so I hit google to do a fact check.

And here are the numbers:

McDonald’s Happy Meal – Chicken Nuggets:

  • Calories 173 
  • Fat 8.9g
  • saturated fat 1.2g

Pizza Express Piccolo Pizza Margherita

  • Calories 448
  • Fat 11g 
  • Saturated fat 6.6g

That’s right Barney’s chicken nugget meal has 50% less calories and 6x less saturated fat…

Who’s the shitty parent, now then, Mrs Middle England?!?!

Anyway, it only goes to prove to One Man Empire Iron Law #57:

Facts Will Always Trump Opinion.

… On that note, there are 3 facts that every self-made man worth his sole should know inside out and month on month for his empire…

  1. Cost Per Sale – how much did it cost to make a sale
  2. Customer Value – how much did a customer spend
  3. Profit – how much money was made

Any other gauge around performance is deluded opinion at best and dumb fuckery at worst.


Make More. Provide More. Be More. 


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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