Operation Molly Coddle

April 21, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

April 21, 2022

I got this forwarded to me by a long-standing Fellowship member yesterday.


… It’s a medical note about a first aid incident involving his daughter at school:


Whilst at school today your child received first aid treatment for:

Injury to arm.

Appears to be bruised.

Caused by leaning on a pencil at her table.

Please check the injury and seek medical advice if necessary.


Yes, you did read that right.

Leaning on a pencil is now classed as needing serious medical attention.

Now I’m pretty sure at the hands of my brother alone, and by age seven, I’d already suffered at least three concussions.

… and handed out four in retaliation.

None of which at the time needed medical notes or medical attention.

A simple “run it off” seemed to do the trick and produce miraculous recoveries.

That all said, I think this note only goes to prove that we’re all doomed.

The human race is done.

… And we’ve finally hit the bottom of the barrel as the socially sensitive choose to continually wrap our kids in cotton wool.

What I’m now officially calling: 

Operation Molly Coddle.

Consider that the relentless drum of fear, anxiety and aversion to all risk – at all cost.

Arguably the biggest source of kryptonite for our kids and for any self-made man of value.

See, here’s what most don’t realise about risk-aversion.

It forces you to retire from challenges, stresses and difficulties.

… Or in other words, it turns even the most successful among us from passionate creators to passive consumers.

A small but subtle shift that carries BIG repercussions for any man looking to grow and scale.

See growth and scale takes risk – IF you want reward.

You can’t have one without the other.

It’s impossible.

Probably why some will always standstill.

And why others will always get results

… Because they understand that facing risk and choosing to be forged in its fires is the only way to build momentum and grow.


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