Personal confession…

December 14, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

December 14, 2021

Some interesting insight and a confession for you today.

Since I was about nine, I’ve loved wrestling and I loved the WWE. 

My favourite wrestler? 

Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Probably something to do with the way that he operates as a man in this game today:

  • Arrive
  • Raise hell
  • Leave

Now for those of you that don’t know, Stone cold has won six WWE Championships, two Intercontinental Belts, three Royal Rumbles and Triple Crown Credentials.

… Not too bad for a redneck from Texas.

That said there is ONE belt, that even 30 years in, has been his Achilles heel and not yet graced his mantlepiece.

The same belt that was awarded to five men here inside of The Fellowship, last month:

The One Man Empire Freedom Medal Of Valour

A NEW belt honouring the men of action here and inside of this tribe, that have shown a heritage of strength to better their best year ever – despite the current tornado of shit.

The truth is, the success inside of The Fellowship this year has blown me away and being able to recognize these men, with these belts, was the icing on the cake.

… Because here’s the thing to consider, most outside of our world do not understand this life that we lead.

… And they do not understand how lonely this game is to play.

See I don’t know about you, but sometimes you can do some amazing shit – only to have the wind knocked from your sales as your success slips unrecognised and under the radar.

The all too familiar tumbleweed that floats across the room at home as you tell others your tales of valour, victory and vanquish.

Made worse by the fact that in my experience, you and I my friend, are our own worst enemy:

  • Always striving for the next big thing… 
  • Always moving onto the next big project… 
  • Always building the next big empire….

The trouble being, most self-made men fail to stop and celebrate the battles that are being won along the way.

It’s why as this year comes to a close, I’d urge you to spend 5 minutes reflecting on your achievements from the last 12 months.

… For two reasons:

#1 – It’s time to give yourself the pat on the back you deserve for having the guts and determination to keep pushing forward, whatever the last 18 months has thrown and while most others have chosen to throw in the towel or flounder on furlow.

# 2- It’s time for you to really see what you’ve really done, and more importantly understand the mountains that you’ve really moved when you’ve chosen to prioritize and execute…

After all, and as a wise man once said, it’s only by looking back at where you’ve come, can you see where you can really go.

So here’s to punching 2022 square in the mouth…

… And here’s to you deciding to step up to the plate and being in a position to claim your Freedom Medal Of Valour.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

P.S. There’s been a lot of emails asking about The Fellowship.

Truth is, it’s still full.

… BUT a seat will be opening up in January 2021. 

Meaning if you want to get ‘first dibs,’ then now might be the time to go here and join the waitlist.


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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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