Quitting all social media

March 14, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

March 14, 2023

Recently saw a friend, a legendary copywriter from the Netherlands, Art.

Art fulfills the stereotype about his nation – tall, handsome, and refreshingly blunt. 

At our latest get-together, he announced:

“I’ve quit all social media.”

Bold move. 

Especially in 2023. 

Digging deeper his reasons made sense… 

It is annoying and full of idiots. 

It sucks up time, energy, and headspace. 

It sucks profit when you pay folks to manage it. 

I asked why he did it in the first place, and his answer was instructive for all men in this game:

“I only did it because I thought I had to.”

That rings true. 

And most men in this game are like this. 

After all, you built something of your own when most stick in the mediocre majority 9-to-5 life. 

So when you hear about an idea, or tactical, or whatever – chances are you will try it, especially if it (potentially) helps the business. 

Trouble is, once you’ve been going a while, all these things are living inside your business…

And it’s only once you step back and you ask yourself:

Why am I doing this? How did it all get so complicated and messy?” 

See, my friend Art is right. 

In this game, every inch of unnecessary complexity eats profit. 

It’s why you end up feeling like you’re working hard to pay everyone but yourself what you deserve.

You wake up mentally exhausted, stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and overwork, knowing that the business should be doing more by now. 

For most is that 1M+ without an army of employees is closer than you think. 

(Bold claim I know but it is easier than you think.) 

And the reality is that the gold is hidden under all the extras, add-ons, and complexities that have been poured over the top. 

To  1M+  without an army of employees…. 

  • Simplify your business and focus on where the money is then… 
  • Automate grunt work and systemise so you can… 
  • Scale quickly with ease. 

Exactly what we do here, operating your business a different way using the unique S.A.S Protocol™… 

This is how Steve in Midlands hit 1.2M with no employees.

How Matt in Scotland got back 24 hours a week and hit the half-million mark.

And how Phil hit 1.5M in 12 months. 

Ok, enough for today.  If you want in then…

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