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Stop Expecting THIS From Others…

December 6, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

December 6, 2020

I compiled this list yesterday…

It’s for a NEW book I’m writing, that should be launched in early 2021.

… And on the back of me being let down again this week, by a long-standing supplier – that should know better.

So as another Sunday rolls around, and more and critical people seem to be dropping the ball, left, right and centre – this list, this week couldn’t be more relevant.

Here’s goes –  the SEVEN things that I’d urge every man at the helm of a business to stop expecting from others:

1) Stop expecting them to live by your standards
2) Stop expecting them to do the right thing
3) Stop expecting them to read your mind
4) Stop expecting them to agree with what you said
5) Stop expecting them to understand 
6) Stop expecting them to treat you like you treat them
7) Stop expecting them to change

… It’s funny you know, because there’s a certain freedom that comes from removing these expectations from other people outside of your circle of influence.

It finally allows you to focus on what you can control.


That said, let’s punch this week square in the mouth and with full force.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.



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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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