The 4 Hour Workaholic

June 28, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

June 28, 2022

Time to clear something up.

It’s on the back of a conversation with one of the smart ambitious men in The Alliance.

A debriefing around a Sunday Success email I sent out two weeks back.

The one on Deathbed Regrets.

…. And the one where I stated that I now only “work” 20-30 hours a week.

Now here’s the problem.

It appears that this particular daily declaration was taken as a challenge to down tools and become work shy. 

It wasn’t.

So let me clarify.

See if you read that email again – the full statement was this:

“I choose to be ruthlessly fucking productive for 20 maybe 30 […hours a week]”

Seems for some, the two most instructive and vital words in that mantra for money did not sink in.

Those words?


Or, in other words, for 4-6 hours a day, I’m a fucking workaholic.

… And probably do more in that time than most of the mass mediocre can muster in 60, 70 maybe even an 80-hour work week.

Because I refuse to accept distractions in anyway way shape or form.

  • My phone is off
  • My tasks are allocated
  • My day is scripted 

Which means:

  • Shit has a start time.
  • Shit has an end time.
  • Shit gets done.

… there is no deviation.

There can’t be.

Men like you and I, at the coal face of capitalism, do not have that luxury.

For me, Barney needs to be picked up from school at 3.30 pm.

That means shit needs to be done, dusted and out the door by 3 pm – come hell or high water.

The point being this.

I do not, and I will not advocate being work-shy.

It’s a state of dishonour.

… N-O-T a quality self-made men like you and I should strive for.

Work ethic however is.

It’s a discipline steeped in honour and courage.

… And as the great Jocko Willink states in Extreme Ownership:

Discipline Equals Freedom.

After all, when you have the discipline to drop the fucking distractions you have the power to do more, in less.

What some call the first step to becoming truly free.

Probably why for most men that step behind this curtain their first 90-Day Strategic Strike is like a baptism of fire and so fucking powerful.

… Because it starts to force disciplined direction without distraction.

The keys to the kingdom for any man of value when it comes to starting to get results.

More on that here:

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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