The latest morons in charge

October 20, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

October 20, 2022

It’s been about a month since I penned The Great British Bloodbath and just when you thought we’d reached peak economic shitstorm

Things got significantly worse with the latest morons in charge. 

And after a hard couple of years and with 2023 looking like another kick in the nuts…

Many men in this game are feeling done in right now

…done in with endless grunt work of running a business.

…sick of quoting and managing arsehole customers.

…tired of inconsistent sales and cash flow leading to stress and panic.

And this fatigue + economic shitstorm = a dangerous cocktail. 

Yet whilst the morons in government can flipflop without consequences, men like you and I don’t have that luxury. 

Head in the sand isn’t on the table, not if you want to survive this thing because in truth… 

Too many good men will lose their businesses to this shitshow. 

And losing the business that you bloody built from the ground up?!?!

….That is a brutal sucker punch. 

The shame of being unable to provide, it’ll hit you like no other. 

(I’ve been in that hell hole.) 

Right now, we’ve all got to take action to protect what you’ve built

 So how can you protect your business and continue to provide in this shitstorm? 

Option 1: Work Like A Bastard

The ‘go-to’ option for men in the tribe. 

…Grind it out, work like a bastard, don’t sleep, don’t eat, and just get shit done. 

Trouble is even if you could do that with your family, sanity, and body intact, there are only 24 hours in a day… So what then?  

You’re running a daily marathon to stand still at best. 

You’re on the fucking hamster wheel for life, forever existing in feast-and-famine mode

Option 2: Simplify For Profit  

A deep focus on simplification. 

Now is the time to deliver a simple, repeatable, and consistent service.

Consistency gives customers confidence.

Confidence separates customers from cash.

And I walk through exactly how to get started with that in the Free Training: How To Start Automating The Fuck Out Of Your Business

You can watch it here now: 


It’s time to break the bullshit ‘work like a bastard’ behavior, my friend. 

So if you’re fucking sick of the grunt work… if you’re tired of feast and famine… and if you’re ready to get off the fucking hamster wheel and protect yourself during this economic shitstorm…

Then, my friend, you are in the right place. 

Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton 

P.S The Free Training: How To Start Automating The Fuck Out Of Your Business Comes Down TOMORROW. It’s Now Or Never. Watch It Here Now. 


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