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The Lost Art Of Taking People To The Cleaners

June 17, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

June 17, 2021

Today, more on profit maximisation in the new economy.

It’s on the back of this post that I saw online, from a man that should know better:

“Because of the current climate, and out of respect for customers, we’re stopping all up-selling on the phones and in stores…”



… And pure dumb fuckery of the highest order.

Let me explain with a story.

See, for the last 12 months and on the back of my BBQ literally hanging on by a thread, I’ve been “researching” new grills.

A process that’s taken way longer than it should have, but ultimately led to me spending £800 on new Weber at a local garden centre.

Now I don’t know what you’re like, but me when I start buying at home or in the business – if I’m spending, I keep spending.

So despite already being in the hole for £800, I’m now down another £400 thanks to spending on:

  • A new cover…
  • A new set of tongs…
  • A new smoker box…
  • Six new bags of wood chips…
  • Two new grilling baskets…
  • Four cases of frozen meat…

… And a fire proof mat to protect the decking.

I know, I know – but like I said when I’m in heat, I’m in heat!

Anyway the point is this…

That extra £400 went to Amazon NOT the local garden centre.


Well, something to do with the fact that “because of covid” the garden centre had chosen to take all staff off the shop floor.

… Removing in one fell swoop their ability to maximise profits, and all but forcing me to spend more money back home, online and elsewhere.

Now, the truth is this BBQ buying frenzy was just the tip of the iceberg.

Last month, and in the cosmetics business, we went on a buying frenzy for video services.

The month before it was a buying frenzy on warehouse racking and equipment…

… and the month before that it was a buying frenzy on packaging…

See here’s the thing that you and I would be wise to consider right now.

Money moves fastest when it’s already in momentum.

… Or in other words, the easiest time to maximise the money flowing in, is when money is already flowing out.

Making it your moral obligation to take people to the cleaners, keep selling and not stop just because someone’s paid.

That all said, here’s a damning admission on my behalf.

… Because I’m a fucking hypocrite, and in this business, I should take heed of my own advice.

See, right here and and inside this movement I only offer ONE THING:

The Fellowship.

  • There is only one group in the UK.
  • It’s only for smart ambitious men.
  • And there’s only 30 men in at any one time.

Meaning, once you decide to apply and if you are let in…

  • There are no up-sells.
  • There are no cross-sells.
  • There is no selling.

… But anyway, full details on everything that you do get, is right here:


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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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