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The NEW Discipline Needed To Provide & Protect In This New World

March 24, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

March 24, 2022

Looks like there were some interesting rumblings happening late last night inside of The War Room for my NEW “Pilot” group, The Alliance:

A tread that took aim at suppliers, customers and the state of the union right now:

“Seems to me that nowadays, you can’t actually rely on anything… People don’t come back to you when they say they will, don’t turn up when they say they will, don’t do what they say they will. Things don’t get delivered when told they will.”

A cold harsh reality that was then echoed by the other smart ambitious men in this NEW group.

… Until this bombshell:

“Agree 100% with this post mate. 

This used to really piss me off until I started looking at the other side… Which is if you just do what you say you’re going to do, then you stand out as someone pretty exceptional!”

Which BTW is a golden shower of insight for any self-made man of value.

… Because in this current tornado of shit, CONSISTENTLY delivering what you promise is now a very (very) strong USP.

In fact, consider it the NEW discipline needed to provide & protect in this new world.

… And the number one way to maximise the money coming into any business.

It’s why right now I’m urging you and the other smart ambitious men of this tribe to ruthlessly focus on delivering a CONSISTENT experience.

See, it’s time to understand that consistency gives customers confidence.

… And confidence parts customers from cash.

And let me be clear, as you grow your number one priority is cash.

Trouble is, when your back’s up against the wall, and shit starts to hit the fan, consistency is the first thing that gets kicked to the curb.

… as things start to creep and “winging it” starts to rule the roost.

It’s why feast and famine is so prevalent.

And why if you’re struggling with consistency and growth then I might have something of interest.

Especially if you want to make more and work less in the new economy.

… And especially if up to this point the Fellowship has been out of reach.

Because, I’ve decided to temporarily re-open applications for The Alliance initiative, to take the “testing” of this NEW group to the next level.

… Mainly to see if the rapid and radical results achieved by the first ten men, in their first 67 days, can be consistently repeated.

That means as of right now there are THREE spots open.

They are first come first served.

They are priced on the fact that this is a pilot programme.

… And they are only open to smart ambitious men like you who read and open my stuff.


Long story short, if you are reading this and feel:

  • More money is bleeding out than is coming in.
  • Being on the cusp of something big but standing still or worse, going backwards.
  • A never-ending struggle with overwhelm and a strong pull to minimise stress.
  • Despite a core of inner strength suffering from isolation, self-doubt and self-criticism.
  • Demons from the past or a lack of recognition amongst friends and family are burying all untapped potential.
  • Directionless distraction is ruling the roost and grinding things to a halt.

And you want to unlock… 

  • Confidence in your strength to maximise the money coming in…
  • Consistency in your power to maximise the profits in your back pocket…
  • Control in your capacity to maximise free time and freedom in your life…
  • Brotherhood in your association with others to maximise momentum and success…

… Then this NEW OPPORTUNITY, to get in this NEW group, at the ground level, might be the one thing that starts to separate the reason from the madness.

… Because right here, inside of The Alliance, is where those who are gasping for air finally breathe.

Those who have plated make a fundamental shift towards the light.

And those struggling with a never-ending spiral of feast and famine rise up in a blaze of glory and are born free.


Make More. Provide More. Be More

Charlie Hutton

Now, if you’ve just skipped to the bottom of this email, let me cut to the chase :

  • I’m temporarily re-opening The Alliance pilot initiative…
  • This is opportunity is for just three new men… 
  • Apply to see if you are a good fit

The link to find out more is below:



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Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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