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The stupid way to get things off your plate…

December 3, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

December 3, 2020

Got this hopeful walkie talkie message from a long-standing Fellowship member this morning:

“Charlie – I’ve found the holy grail. A platform that will run our website, all our landing pages, act as a CRM, sales pipeline tool, AND allow us to automate internal workflows in the team… I can finally stop duck taping 101 things together. YES!”

My response…

N-O-O-O-O-O-O DON’T DO IT… And run for the hills.

You see, I invested heavily in the same mistake six years ago.

Wanna know what happened?

That one platform went down for 3 days straight, everything STOPPED dead in its tracks, and the business ground to a halt.

  • No data could be accessed.
  • No follow-up could be done.
  • No one here could be operational or driving income.

… All because I “thought” having everything on one place would be simpler, easier and get a load off my plate.

Truth being and in theory, it does.

… B-U-T that reliance on one thing is dumb fuckery of the highest order and comes with a hefty price that must be paid for in blood, sweat and tears.

It’s why ONE, in any business, is a bad number.

And why any business interest that I have is never reliant on just one thing.

The simple fact of the matter being, if one thing dies, everything else should keep running and at full force.

Does that mean multiple logins, multiple platforms and multiple integrations – YES?

However, and in my experience, the spoils always go to the man that diversifies risk and covers his own back.

It comes back to One Man Empire law #17 that I touched on in Tuesday’s email.

A fundamental universal law that’s been proved again this week, by those solely reliant on ONE stream of customers (AKA the High Street), as they finally had to admit defeat and bite the bullet.

Only goes to prove that B-I-G business is not immune from stupidity, complacency or these fundamental Iron Laws of man either.

You’ve been warned.


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