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The Three Little Words Of Doom

October 31, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

October 31, 2021

What a whirlwind week – half term, the budget, and today Halloween. 

… Which means tonight and in our house- trick or treating.

Now, when deciding on his costume Barney (my 8-year-old) wanted to spend a stupid sum of money on a very swish Harry Potter robe.

Fifty quid swish.

… Which for me was a firm ‘no,’ especially as you can get one in town for less than a tenner.

A conversation that led to me explaining, I’d not be spending MY money B-U-T he could spend his.

… a discussion that came to an abrupt halt as he looked at me with a scowl and uttered these fateful words….  

“Joe has got that robe! It’s not fair!”

It’s. Not. Fair. 


The worst three words in the entire English language. 

Now, whether I was being cheap or not can be debated until the cows come home. 

But is this situation of not being fair? 

Fuck that. 

It’s not fair…

Three little words that are a poisoned chalice for any self-made man of value, and are pointless. Meaningless. Worthless. 

The truth is when an eight-year-old claims ‘it’s not fair’ I can live with it.  

But when those words get blurted out by 38-year-old MEN – Not so much.  

It’s something I hear time and time again from the masses online:

  • New competitors – it’s not fair
  • New budget – it’s not fair
  • New supplier prices – it’s not fair

… And here’s the thing:

Does moaning, whinging, and complaining STOP any of this shit happening? 


Because in the cold hard light of day all ‘its not fair’ does is excuse you from responsibility. 

All ‘it’s not fair’ does is make you believe you don’t have options. 

When in reality, it’s time to consider that men like you have never had MORE options to storm the castle and start drinking from the skulls of our enemies. 

See, in this game, YOU determine what YOU do, YOU determine what YOU say, YOU determine the work YOU do, YOU determine the rules YOU live by. 

  • Not me.
  • Not your competitors.
  • Not the government.
  • Not your supplies.


So this week, I’d urge those hungry for victory to make their mantra for money to be ruthlessly focused on one thing and one thing only…

Starting to ban ‘it’s not fair’ from your vocabulary and starting to see the options and spoils that lie ahead. 

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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