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  • [UPDATE 29th Nov] The Great British Bloodbath (Part 2.)

[UPDATE 29th Nov] The Great British Bloodbath (Part 2.)

November 29, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

November 29, 2022

I logged into my email for the first time in three weeks yesterday and it seems the questions have been coming in thick and fast.

Lost men looking for hard insight on the new economy and the new (new) budget.

… Case in point this from Mike in South Shields:


“Charlie, I know you are not an accountant (or an economist) but I trust your opinion. 

What’s your take on the new budget? 

You talked about The Great British Bloodbath In September – things changed? – Mike” 


Now, if like Mike, you too have been wondering if the budget has changed my stance on The Great British Bloodbath or what predicted it back in September…

… It’s a hard NO.

In fact, it’s got worse.

Let me explain…

… Unfortunately and despite men like you, me and Mike keeping the wheels of commerce turning by:

  • Paying more taxes
  • Paying more rates
  • And paying more people

They now want to squeeze us for 10% more – to cover everyone else’s shortfall.


Now I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t fit quite right with me.

… Especially when you consider what us’ens have had to do over the last 24 months with little support and zero handouts.

So for me and since the “New” budget – it’s 100% clear…

… These changes are NOT good for men like you and me who are at the helm of our own business.

Leaving most of us with two choices:

1) Choose to be one of the victims, burying your head in the sand and playing possum until you get washed away by the tide?

2) Choose to saddle up and do what needs to be done in order to provide and protect…? 

I suspect that by the very fact that you are on this list, and you continue to read my emails, number one is a non-starter.

So that leaves option number 2…

… Your moral obligation to place an impenetrable iron cage around your cash flow, your freedom and your sanity before it’s too late.

Best way to do that?

  • Double down on YOU
  • Double down on YOUR business 
  • Double down on what YOU can make.

… Because in any downturn, there are always BIG opportunities for growth.

Especially if you choose to FIGHT over flight.

It’s why right now, I’ve temporarily opened up enrolment inside of The Fellowship specifically for those men who are willing to commit to their cause.

… Because The Fellowship is designed from the ground up for men who want to get groundbreaking momentum, free up 21 hours a week, and push to £1m in revenue – even in this new economy and without adding any bodies, bottlenecks or bullshit to your business…

  • It’s a closed door.
  • It’s locked out at 25 men
  • And it’s my highest-level group

Meaning if you do not act quickly, you will probably have to wait months, maybe even years, to get an opportunity like this again. 

Given the current situation, you may not have the luxury of that time before things boil to breaking point.

In other words, at times like these, speed is of the utmost importance.

It’s why if you are accepted, into The Fellowship you will get access to the following almost IMMEDIATELY.

  1. Rapid Deployment

To kick this whole experience off, you and I will meet privately one-on-one, in person for your rapid deployment.  

… Consider this you and me together for a full day.

You and I will strategically get to the bottom of what you need to prioritise and execute in order to move the fucking dial inside of your business

Think sales, think marketing and think automation for scale and freedom.

After your initial rapid deployment, we will do this together every 90 days, one-on-one and like clockwork so that things get deployed as fast as humanly possible. 

  1. Closed Door Mastermind 

As a group, we meet every month for a full day.

That’s another 12 days with me LIVE, in person, and face to face. 

Now, these days are fucking insane.

They are you, me and the ambitious self-made men in the group ruthlessly focused on scaling YOUR profits, YOUR revenue, and YOUR freedom. 

You will sit alongside other men who operate other businesses in other industries – each with their own unique set of skills and insight that you can leverage. 

Think insider knowledge, underground tactics, and strategic secrets most don’t know exist or are too stupid to share.

Now, these days are intimate and about you.

Think, you working on your business alongside a band of brothers who are 100% fucking committed to pushing past what most consider possible.

The good news is that all the above and everything else that I deliver on these days gets recorded and is available for you to watch at any time inside of The War Room – See #4.

In the last year alone I have covered… 

  • How To Get UNLIMITED And FREE Traffic To Your Business On Tap Without Having To Buy Any Ads…
  • How To Use Three Words To Increase Order Size By 160%
  • The Subtle Art of The “Frame” – Three Tools to Boost Sales, Overcome Objections And Keep Staff, Customers & Prospects Obedient, Submissive & Compliant…
  • How To Get Exactly What You Want By Ethically Exploiting Human Nature And Our Deep-Rooted Need To Trust…
  • How To Secretly Sneak Your Ideas Into Your Customer’s Mind (When They’re Busy Thinking About Other Shit)…
  • The Ultimate Guide On How To Build a MEGA Brand In Less Than 20 Minutes A Month By Using A Single Sheet Of A4 Paper…
  • The Political Puff Piece: How To Control The Narrative In Any Market And In Any Conditions – For FREE…
  • ​​The Art And Science Of Body Language – How To Understand What Everyone Else Is Really Thinking So That You Can Get Exactly What You Want…
  • How To Pitch, Present Or Sell Anything From A Distance, On Mass Or In Person, While Building A Massive Amount Of Goodwill At The Same Time…
  • How To Get LIVING LEGEND Status In Any Climate So That You Can Increase Prices, Increase Profits And Remove Price Comparison

… And much, much more.

  1. Hardcore Accountability 

You are going to virtually meet with me and the group every other Thursday for questions.

Think hot seats and you getting specific answers to YOUR questions – so that you can get results quickly. 

On these calls, I double down with accountability and the forcing of action.

You will declare your next actions to the group and you will be expected to stand and deliver on those next actions by the next call – come hell or high water. 

This my friend, is you putting a bullet in the back of the head of distraction by finally being held accountable and to a higher standard by other men who won’t accept bullshit or excuses. 

  1. War Room  

You will get direct walkie-talkie access to me and the other 25 men that sit around the table via our private War Room app. 

Inside of this platform you also get direct access to help and private sessions on things like ratcheting-up sales, marketing, systems and your cash position.  

This my friend is access to knowledge at the highest levels. 

Consider it intense guidance for self-made men like you who are hungry for more.

– – – – – – – – – –  

… Meaning this is your opportunity.

Join this brotherhood of smart, ambitious men who can sleep safely at night knowing they are prepared to weather the storm and come out the other side STRONGER – no matter the tornado of shit.

>> https://www.theonemanempire.com/dec-enrolment-2023/

Because let’s be honest … 

There are only two ways to sleep safely at night. 

Be ignorant or be prepared.


If you take your responsibility seriously to make more, provide more and be more…

… If you are starting to see the warning signs and realise that what you are experiencing right now is only the beginning…

… And if you are not willing to gamble your future on the promises of politicians who have a habit of doing nothing but lie through their teeth…

… Then I’d urge you to take the critical first step and apply for your seat at the table today – before it’s too late.

Chances are, as you start to separate the reason from the madness – you will be glad that you did.

>> https://www.theonemanempire.com/dec-enrolment-2023/

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton

P.S. The Application Deadline is 11:59 GMT, December 4th, 2022…

… And deep down and behind the mask, I suspect you already know this is the right thing to do.

But, brother, the choice is yours…

And you don’t have long to decide.

The fat lady is about to start singing.

And once she does, it might already be too late.

So let’s do this.

Say YES to this opportunity.

Join the close-knit men of The Fellowship…

>> https://www.theonemanempire.com/dec-enrolment-2023/


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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