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How to use the way you think to project unshakable confidence and MASCULINE POWER that will make you appear more successful than any other man in the room (your friends will never figure out why you keep moving forward why they keep being held back).


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The 5 deadly triggers that too man men fall victim of when trying to scale a business that all but guarantees they end up overwhelmed, fatigued and paniced. (If you watch just one video on this page, make sure it’s this)


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Why the so-called “experts” are dead wrong in their ridiculous theories of how to “make money” inside of a business - Here’s how you can create a powerful, instant profit centre in your business by doing the exact opposite of what everyone else tells you.


10 minutes & 47 Seconds

I read all the books, went to all the seminars, and tried everything. It wasn’t until I did THIS ONE THING that it all started to happen for me. I share the single most powerful thing you can do to become more successful at attracting PROFITABLE customers, and why almost no men do it.


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How to rid yourself FOREVER of those negative “inner demons that have been sabotaging you since say dot. 


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"I've Made More Money In Six Weeks Than Would Normally Make In Six Months"

Chris has created a business that most will never experience and shows you what is possible when you start operating in this new way. He fired all eight employees, eliminated grunt work and is making more money than ever... All while spending days at a time out of the business sand with his new daughter Effie.

Mark Lloyd Case Study

"I've Gone From Directionless To Levelling Up My Business FAST..."

Successful consultant and video games veteran Mark Loyd not only started his journey directionless but with a deep feeling of untapped potential and desire to level up. Since then he's levelled up his customers, he's levelled up his marketing, he's levelled up his business and he's finally taken back control for good.

ADAm Browne Case Study

"More Control. More Motivated And Moving Forward Even When The Sky Is Falling..."

Adam started his baptism of fire knowing that if he stayed on his current course he'd lose everything. Feeling isolated and alone The One Man Empire Way gave Adam the tools, accountability and brotherhood he needed to start standing tall among giants. The net result being, automated systems, more control and rapid growth of 281%.

Matt Hamsworth Case Study

"I've Scaled By Over 400% In The Last 12 Months And Still Keep Growing..."

The stakes were high for Matt. As his core business nose-dived out of control he knew he needed to do something else to secure financial freedom for himself and his youngest son James. Refusing to die, Matt resurrected his business from the dead. His income exploded by over 400% in just 12 months.

Mark taylor Case Study

"I Drive Over Seven Hours Straight Just To Be Around These Other Men..."

A true One Man Empire, Mark has always worked alone and was starting to feel isolated and powerless. While having the support and accountability of the other men in this tribe Mark has ratcheted up the volume in all areas of his life. Weeks of distraction have been replaced with a laser-like focus on starting to create freedom.

Tommy Kelly Case Study

"After 25 Years, I Can Finally See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel..."

Fresh-faced and new to this journey, Tommy was on the fence for months before having the courage to fill out an application and join. Just eight hours into his rapid deployment, and despite being a bundle of nerves, he's already started to experience the power and relief that comes from finally having a strategic strike to freeing up time with the family, increasing profits within the business and reducing stress.

Tony mckenna Case Study

"I've Built Two Brand NEW Business From The Ground Up, When No One Said I Could..."

Despite being a wild successfully entrepreneur and numbers man, Tony still suffered from distraction and not being able to see the wood through the trees. He came to One Man Empire on the hunt for connection and accountability from other smart ambitious men. Three years on his journey, Tony had launched two brand new businesses from the ground up and continues to produce in ways in ways he never thought possible.

Andy & Joel Case Study

"We've 4X Growth In The Last 12 Months And Still Expanding, Even In A Pandemic!"

When the pandemic struck Joel and Andy's business took an immediate hit, a blindside that forced them face-first into No Man’s Land. Overwhelmed, overstretched and ready to burn it all to the ground, they started to operate the One Man Empire way, a decision that meant they turned it around from the brink, and 4X'd the business.

simeon cattle Case Study

"This Has Empowered Me To Increase My Turnover by Over 201%..."

Simeon started this journey only looking for insight from other men who "get it." Not only did he get that, but The One Man Empire Way has also given him the tools, the environment and the confidence to do what no one else said was possible. He increased turnover by 201% without taking on an army of employees.

Neil & Ian Case Study

"We've Removed Manual labour And Increased Net Profit By 130%..."

Successful entrepreneurs, Neil & Ian had built a rapidly expanding asbestos empire and were searching for a better way to ensure consistent, predictable growth. On the other side of this journey, and they have deployed a workhorse and machine that has transformed everything - ultimately removing manual labour and increasing net profit by 130%.

James Ashbourne Case Study

"I've Hit My Twelve Month Revenue Target In Just 5 Short Weeks..."

Fed up of working for the man, James jacked it all in and stared out on his own two feet. Despite a successful start, he hit an immovable plateau and dead-end. He started this journey a life-changing target he wanted to achieve in twelve months - in five short weeks on this journey that target was obliterated, achieved and banked.

paul cammack Case Study

"My Daily Takings Are Up by 400% In Just 6 Months And I'm Still Scaling ..."

Fed up of settling and just plodding along, Paul knew deep down that he wasn't where he wanted to be. After stepping foot on this journey he made a declaration to put the hammer down and take on the world. A hard-line in the sand to operate The One Man Empire Way, that's resulted in a rapid rise of over 400%.

Dean Sanders Case Study

"I've Now Got An Unshakeable Confidence to Grow And Keep Pushing Forward..."

Dean came to One Man Empire in a loop of persecution and panic. Looking for a new way that would give him direction, get him organised and reduce stress - he got more than he bargained for. Inspired by the other ambitious men in the tribe, Dean finally saw what was possible. A realisation that empowered him with the unshakable confidence to make moreprovide more and be more without having to sacrifice it all.

micheal bambling Case Study

"I've Finally Taken Back Control From Contractors, Clients And Customers..."

After 17 years of suffering at the hands of employees, clients and contractors, Micheal suspected there must be a better way to provide & protect. What he found on his journey was a path to even greater purpose & power. Thanks to the other men in this tribe he found his fight again, a mantra for money and motivation that has allowed him to start to profit from passion and take back control for good.

"You Can Achieve Figures And Sales You’ve Never Even Dreamt Of..."


Phil Has Been Working On His Business So He Can Provide More For His Young Family

Phil hadn’t always been in this game. In a previous life, he was a secondary school teacher in one of the ‘worst’ schools in the country.

Tough, gutsy and full of determination, he gambled and started a laser wood cutting business in his garage.

With wife Abbey helping him, they relied solely on the income of their small business to keep their 3 kids Sophia, Elise and Jacob living in moderate comfort.

Things were ticking along OK, but 14-hour days, a constant fear of failure and the non-stop guilt Phil felt for starting a business that consumed him took a massive toll on his motivation, and then suddenly…bang.

Phil hit a ceiling and sales began to plummet. Circumstances in the market changed and it started to get tight. Very tight.

He and Abbey did the figures and to their horror realised that if it continued this way, they’d be out of business in 3 months.

“It was make or break to be fair. Are we gonna be able to pay the rent? Pay the bills? Pay the mortgage?” commented Phil as he looked back at how things were 18 months ago.

Like most self-starters, a non-quitter, Phil decided he had to stick it out for his family’s sake.

“I figured if I can just increase sales, everything will be ok,” Phil remembered thinking. Trouble was, for Phil, there was a big gap between knowing what to do and knowing how to implement it. It’s exactly why he decided to take a leap of faith with Charlie and The One Man Empire Fellowship.

“I had to have confidence in this process, it was certainly a gamble for someone like me who doesn’t trust easily,” he recalled.

This gamble paid off within weeks.

The sales process got a huge revamp, and their strategy for managing was improved and implemented almost immediately.

“We went from turning over £180 per day, to be able to make over £1,000 per day,” said Phil in almost disbelief. “It’s an amazing achievement in such a short space of time,” he remarked as he described the transformation that saw him increase sales six times in just three short months.

Impressive results, but by his own admission, Phil gave a strong word of warning to anyone thinking about joining The Fellowship wanting to do the same:

“To be part of this, you’ve got to be motivated and driven. You’ve got to go 110% into The Fellowship, frothing at the mouth to make it happen.”

Phil continued, “If you’re not willing to work to make it happen and just want someone to do it for you and not participate, then this isn’t for you. BUT if you’d benefit from someone like Charlie looking over your shoulder, holding you accountable and guiding you through everything – this will make a difference.”

When asked about who else might also benefit from this type of environment for their business, Phil was clear:

“If you’ve got a business that you want to put in front of people, you need this. With this, you can achieve figures and sales you’ve never even dreamt of.”

Life Changing BIG SALES

In Three Months Os Is Finally Getting Paid The Money He Deserves For The Hours That He Works 

Os couldn’t have anticipated just how quickly his life was going to fall apart.

Business was OK, but only just. As the linchpin and glue holding his business together, he worked tirelessly trying to provide his family with a comfortable life.

Like many self-made entrepreneurs, the trouble was the inconsistencies, fire-fighting and overwhelming pressure to be everything to everyone in a business that owned him, which had become anything but comfortable.

“I was missing my 6-year-old son grow up,” confessed Os as he opened up about the precarious position he had put himself in.

This was made worse by the fact that his business was reliant on one core client and one core contract that had been keeping him afloat for 7 years.

The worse then happened.

“That client pulled the plug and in one phone call I dropped from $20k per month, to just $2k,” recalled Os as he talked about how the $18,000 haemorrhage ripped a hole in his heart and exposed him to the reality of total bankruptcy.

It was in that moment, as he considered the very real possibility of being homeless, that Os decided he needed to make a change.

“The trouble was, I was terrified of admitting that I needed to spend to get help,” Os recalled.

For someone that had been burned by business mentors, coaches and coaches before, just getting on the phone with Charlie to discuss The Fellowship was a huge step.

“Within the first 5 minutes of that initial conversation with Charlie, it was clear he understood me, my situation, and how to turn everything around,” Os remembered.

Three months, one strategy and a redefining of the business later, Os had a system in place to secure big contracts, the first being worth a whopping $24,000.

“I thought I just got lucky,” admitted Os when talking about the first one that came in. Funny thing was, two weeks later, Os got another deal signed off for the same amount.

“I picked up the phone to Karen, my wife, and yelled this will change everything,” he chuckled as he remembered the moment when the second one was signed.

For the first time in decades, Os was able to experience the power of having a system that consistently produced high paying customers on demand.

Karen got her husband back, Harry got his dad, and Os… Well, he got back his life. “All thanks to the One Man Empire Fellowship,” commented Os.

When asked whether he’d recommend this type of environment to others, Os shared:

“If you want a good investment by all means, join – because, take my word, it will do what you want.” He paused, and then added, “Here’s the thing – you are the only one who can convince yourself that it’s right.”

"This Has Changed Everything I Thought Was Possible In My Business & My Life"

"Step Up And Decide To Just Do It..."


ROB Gets All Excited And Fired Back Up About Running His Business Again

For Rob, the frequency was getting ridiculous.

Night after night, he stared at his inbox, facing email after email of endless demands from clients he was already over-serving.

Even with a small team of seven, Rob was still the ‘be and end all’ of every project. Doing every project the traditional way took longer than the melting of the polar ice caps, and he was the linchpin at the centre of it all. 

He managed to meet his deadlines, but just.

Someone once told him to never work out his actual hourly rate, as it would destroy his soul. Rob got why.   

Like many successful entrepreneurs that deal in a service driven industry, Rob’s customers had started to become an albatross around his neck.

“The reality for me was that I was slowly, and painfully, falling out of love with the business I had built from the ground up,” confessed Rob.

“I was a slave to customers,” he exclaimed as he described how the constant chasing, emailing and baby-sitting of customers meant his family was beginning to suffer.

Fortunately, Rob realised there’s a new way as he started to understand how other businesses leveraged systems, processes and automations to finally take back control.

That’s when he stumbled upon The One Man Empire movement on Facebook and found Charlie.

“I almost didn’t show up for the call, but I’m so glad I did,” remembered Rob as he talked about discussing The Fellowship with Charlie.

“On that call, Charlie just got it,” exclaimed Rob. “I just needed to find the courage to enrol,” he continued.

Fortunately, he did, because within weeks of deciding to commit to The Fellowship, he was implementing the very systems that would ensure he was protected by consistency – taking his ever constant workload out of the picture and replacing it with automated systems.  

“It was like I was finally able to clone myself with something that worked day or night without me,” Rob remarked.

“Finally, I could see the power of automating – FREEDOM,” he smirked as he described the light bulb moment when everything clicked into place. Interestingly, not only had Rob seemingly seized back control of his business, but he also freed up the kind of time needed to really grow everything to the next level.

“Doing this has made me get excited about my business and the dreams I had for it again. My passion is totally reignited. I’ve finally got a business and not a job disguised as one,” he excitedly remarked.

Proudly wearing the slogan ‘I Am A One Man Empire’ on his t-shirt, Rob shared a few honest and closing thoughts about who might be able to get similar results…

“If you’ve ever felt like your business has become a job, then you need this. The implementation is one thing, but the power in being able to associate with others will be instrumental in helping you take back control. For me, I have more time and my business is now able to make more money – I love being in control of my own destiny again.”


How Karl Set The Wheels In Motion To Retire Five Years Early By Selling His Business Ahead Of Schedule

After 17 years at the helm of his own business, Karl was already thriving.

Working with wealthy people who entrusted him with their finances, he was surrounded by success, wealth and status.

The trouble was, despite what most people saw as a successful practice on the outside, Karl was starting to drown on the inside.

“For me and in my industry, there seems to be a never ending chaos of customers, compliance and communication – it was a juggling act,” recalled Karl.

Even with a practice manager and full time support on hand, he was struggling.

“The biggest problem for me was that I knew we had leads slipping through the cracks and customers that wanted to give us more money – I just didn’t have the time to deal with everyone,” he frustratingly remembered.

Having spent some time around Charlie before, he decided to just try The Fellowship for a couple of months.

After his initial Rise Of An Empire planning session, Karl remembered telling his wife Sarah, “I’ve invested in business mentors and coaches before, but this made me feel empowered to act like nothing else before.”

Three months turned to six and six to twelve as Karl embarked on a journey to systemise and automate his whole business.

“All of a sudden, we’d managed to turn chaos into calm,” said Karl as he described the turning point.

“The best part was being able to finally get total consistency. Each and every lead got followed up, each and every customer got properly serviced and thanks to the automation, it was done without me or an army of employees.”

If that wasn’t good enough, what happened next came totally out of the blue.

“I hadn’t had the chance to realise the power of what we’d implemented,” admitted Karl as he talked candidly about the run up to the now infamous phone calls.

You see, unknowingly to Karl, not only had he created the kind of consistency his business rarely saw outside of Mc Donald’s, but because it was systemised, he’d also created a saleable asset.

It’s why the phone started to ring from peers in the industry looking to buy his business if he was willing to sell-up.

“I’d always planned to retire early and cash in, but that was a long way off,” confessed Karl. “Thanks to this system, I’ve now been able to sell it ten years early and for five times the amount,” he exclaimed.

As he showed me pictures of the dream house by the beach he was planning to buy, I asked him to sum up his journey and experience inside of The Fellowship.

“If all this had done for me was allow me to sell my business, it would have been the best investment I’ve ever made. But if I’m honest, the real power of The Fellowship comes from the other men in the group. The other business owners that are willing to share everything so that you can better yourself.”

Karl closed with, “If you’ve ever felt like you’re drowning, have the courage to do this, because when you trust Charlie and do what he says, good things happen.”

"What A Difference A Year Makes"...

"I’ve Done This And It’s Helped Me To Help The People I Love Most"


Matt Raised His Standards and Went From Trading MTime For Money, To Paying Off The Mortgage

Matt had been in the home security business for over 10 years.

Business was good, but like most people in this game of business, he was hungry for more.

Living with his girlfriend Gemma, and dog Ozzy, Matt wanted to be able to provide more for all of their futures.

Matt’s trouble was he couldn’t physically invent more hours in the day. “I knew deep down I needed to stop trading my time for money,” reflected Matt.

“It had got me this far, but it wasn’t going to allow me to scale to the next level,” he continued.

While trying to figure out how to start winning profitable high-end jobs, he came across The One Man Empire documentary.

“I literally stayed up and watched the whole thing – twice,” commented Matt as he described how he finally knew this is the journey to take.

“It sounds stupid, but before that first call I was nervous,” Matt recalled. “I’m just a tradesman, so didn’t know if this is the right thing.”

However, it was on that call that Matt decided he needed to go all in.

“I just knew the One Man Empire was the right move. It was an investment and a stretch, but that is what allowed me to be motivated to make the change.”

By the time his first week had passed inside of The Fellowship, Matt had already redefined his business offer, started building a marketing machine and was well on the way to automating and systemizing everything.

Matt soon got to grips with the programme, and has got his head down and implemented it like a one-man army!

“Implementation is the key,” said Matt. “It’s been hard work, but because I’m accountable to someone whose standards are on another level, I’ve transformed everything. It’s been worth every second.”

Six months into this journey and the hallmarks of success are everywhere for Matt.

“A dream of mine has always been to pay the mortgage off and I’m almost there,” he boasted.

Matt continued, “The really exciting thing for me is now having my dad working for me, and exploring how we can take on more staff to help with the influx of high quality work.”

When I asked Matt how he would describe being part of the One Man Empire Fellowship to other self-starters and entrepreneurs, he enthusiastically exclaimed:

“The only way I can describe it is there are highs and lows, but the lows now are like my old highs. This whole experience is EPIC. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever felt in a rut, like you’ve hit a ceiling in your business – then get ready for a transformation, because this is for you. It’s unbelievable.”


Why Chris Finally Took Back Control Of His Business So He Could Be There For His Wife & Two Boys

A successful digital agency owner, devoted father of two and a self-confessed workaholic, Chris didn’t need more clients.

He was travelling around the world consulting with big brands and money was pouring in.

But his wife Sarah and his two sons Jackson and Harvey were becoming increasingly unhappy, as Chris was always working.

“I’d be away for days on end, and when I finally got home, my first instinct was to pull out the laptop, and continue working on the couch,” confessed Chris.

“The guilt ripped me apart, but the money meant I could ultimately be in a position to provide more – each extra hour I put in was to try and benefit the family,” explained Chris as he tried to justify the last few years in his business.

He recalled at one point it got so bad that before going away on a family holiday, his phone was physically locked away in the house.

“I think if I’d taken another phone call while we were away, it would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back,” admitted Chris.

It was at that point he knew something had to change. So, on the lookout for help, Chris instantly resonated with the One Man Empire manifesto.

“As I watched the One Man Empire documentary, I finally realised I was ‘providing’ in the financial sense of the word, but seriously underproviding as a husband and dad,” admitted Chris.

Talking openly and chuckling, Chris said the most difficult part for him was being able to find the courage to turn up for the call.

“Since I had that call and decided to take action, everything has changed,” exclaimed Chris.

After six months inside of The Fellowship, the automations and systems he’s implemented inside of his business have not only freed up time but have also finally created the control, consistency and freedom he’s craved since he started out 12 years ago.

On top of all that, Chris made it clear that this newfound level of control has had a huge impact on his work-life balance.

“I’m finally able to be 100% present at home with Sarah and the boys,” he excitedly told me.

“Sure, I’ve still got to put the hours in at work, but the freedom from persecution at home has transformed my level of focus at work and in the business,” Chris continued.

Before we parted, I quizzed Chris on whether he thought others could do the same in their business. He confidently laughed, “I never thought that this was possible in any business – let alone mine.”

He then paused and continued with one final thought, “If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, stressed or fatigued in your business, with a huge sense of untapped potential hanging over your head, then you need to do this. The Fellowship and a One Man Empire mentality will change everything.”

"All Of A Sudden Everything Just Seems To Be Going Right"

"We Are Honoured To Be Part Of This Movement"


Living Proof It’s Possible To Make More, Provide More & Be More, No Matter What Life Throws At You

This wasn’t Matt’s first print business. He’d successfully built and sold one before, but last time the hours and pressure were a killer.

So with a new business, new premises and a new team, Matt was determined to do things differently this time round.

Like most at the top of their game, he’d not only survived but also started to thrive, and that’s when the problems started.

“As soon as we started to get momentum, I could feel the pressure mounting,” explained Matt.

“I just turned to my default response and tried to work my way out of the rut,” he said candidly.

Unfortunately for Matt, the constant fire-fighting, inconsistencies and overwhelming pressure to be everything to everyone was beating him up mentally.

And that’s when things took a turn for the worse. Matt’s wife and business partner Kelly got diagnosed with cancer.

“I had four young children and a wife all deserving my time at home, so I just knew I had to have the courage to do this for them,” recalled Matt as he opened up about the day he started on his journey inside of The Fellowship.

At that time, and while starting treatment, Kelly was not as enthusiastic as Matt. She was sceptical until they went to their first Think Tank meeting. From there, she was hooked.

“I was blown away,” she said. “The amount of energy in that small room of twenty or so other business owners, all sharing their ideas and secrets, was electric.”

For Matt and Kelly, automation was the key to freeing up Matt’s time, while removing him as the lynchpin in the business.

“I had no clue at first,” admitted Matt as he talked about how fast he got to grips with systemising everything.

“From the outside, it looked like wizardry, but with the right help – trust me, it’s easy. I’m all over it now,” smiled Matt as he looked back on where he started.

Fast forward to today and Matt is working less than ever before, and despite everything life has thrown at them, Matt and Kelly have grown the business by over 200%.

The cherry on the cake?

Kelly was given the ‘all-clear’ and the family are off on a luxury Disney World holiday for two weeks.

“Life’s too short,” said Matt when commenting on the trip. “If the last 12 months have taught me anything, it’s that you have to seize this opportunity, and just do these things while you can!”

The good news being that while they are away, they’ll be able to fully switch off knowing that thanks to the systems and automations in place, everything will run like clockwork, without them and without an army of employees.

“People are always concerned about the time it takes to get things done, but no one could be busier than we were,” laughed Kelly.

“If we can do this with four kids, a business and cancer, then trust me, anyone can. You just need to experience The Fellowship for yourself,” she concluded with a smile.

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