“The Fellowship is incredibly exclusive and secret society of men in business, that are redefining what it is to run a business in todays age”

“The Fellowship is made up of smart, hungry, ambitious men who are 100% committed to this course of action, this group and supporting the other men that decide to step foot on this journey with them"


Record Setting monthly Net profit of £104K

“This brotherhood has meant We’ve Built A 27-Man Empire WITHOUT Dickhead Customers.”

Ian Stone And Neil Munrow

Asbestos : Northampton

Ian & Neil knew they needed help to really grow but we didn’t know which way to turn. They’d used other ‘coaching’ in the past and it had never lived up to expectations. Since going The Fellowship they've scaled to 27 employees and just recorded their best month ever.

Now Generating over 1000 Leads A Month

“I’ve Gone From Working My Nuts Off To Building A Profit based Trojan Horse.”

Alan Dhillon

Promotions  : Devon

He’d been in business with his brother Rich for well over 10 years. But when Alan found out about The One Man Empire Fellowship things began to change, for him, his family and his situation. Best part being, when his son was born he was able to take a proper paternity leave, all whilst consistently making more money.

Grown His Team to 11 & Doubled His Business

“I’ve Gone From Working 24/7... To Having Freedom, Family & Fun.”


Accountancy : Shropshire

Steve hit rock bottom when it came to light he was so focused on making the business work, that his youngest daughter didn’t recognise him as her dad. Since joining The Fellowship he's taken back control, doubled the business and done it without having to sacrifice everything at home.

Up 150%

Seen a 150% Increase In Sales

“This Brotherhood  and the guys in it have exploded my business"

AJ "The Swinger of Chizels"

Furniture Manufacturer : Nottingham

When the bad economy hit and previous business closed he was working his next venture he instantly knocked on The Fellowships door. He was ready to push past what he did before and knew he needed help. Fast forward 12 months his sales up are up 150%

Automated All Of His Office Grunt Work

"This Brotherhood is vital to me. I travel all the way from Inverness so I don’t miss out."


Drone Video Production : Inverness

Matt was going through a separation from the mother of his son and knew he had to take the business to the next level. He travels all the way from Inverness to be part of this brotherhood and alongside the other men in the group he's now doing more than he ever could have imagined.


Projected £200K increase in take home

"Gone from Working ‘In' The Business To Working ‘On’ It... AND Profiting"

Tony Mckenna

Furniture Manufacturer : Nottingham

Being an accountant, Tony was sceptical and before joining, was unsure if the investment in The Fellowship will be worth it. To cut a long story short, joining The Fellowship he's now fighting at a different level and winning BIG clients that he would never have dreamt of before.

From Working 80-100 Hour Weeks To Breaking Free

“Being Ex-Military, I Knew The Fellowship , And This Botherhood Was For A Guy Like Me.”


Consultancy : Dundee

After working back-breaking 80-100 hour weeks Mark and wife Dianne, upped sticks and headed for Scotland for change of pace. As ex-military man Mark saw the power of having a band of brothers at his side. An environment he's now leveraged  to finally break free from being over worked and underpaid in his business.

SOLD THE BUSINESS Five Years Earlier Than Planned

"I Managed to Cash In 5 Yrs Early so I could buy a Beach House in Devon"


Financial Advisor : Devon

After 17 years in, Karl was already thriving. Joining this Fellowship with his eldest son Harry, they turned chaos into calm. So much so he sold his business 5 years early so he could retire to the south coast, with his wife Sarah and youngest son Jacob.

UP 200%

Turnover is Up By Over 200%

“I WAS SCEPTICAL, But Since Joining This EXPERIENCE Has been life changing”


Printer : Burntwood

This isn’t Matt’s first print business. He’d successfully built and sold one before, but last time the hours and pressure were a killer. With 4 kids at home Matt decided that time it would be different. In two short years he's grown by over 200% without being the lynchpin in the business.

CONSISTENT MONEY Now Going Into The Bank

"I Decided to Comit And Do This And It’s Helped Me To Protect The People I Love Most"


Security Specialist : Birmingham

Matt has been in the home security business for over 10 years. Life was good but he was hungry for more. With wife Gemma and Ozzy (his dog) by his side Matt has finally stopped trading my time for money and started to scale to the next level

5X Growth

5x Growth In Just Five Weeks

“Thanks To The Men Around The Table We've Doubled The Business Every Year We've Been In”

phil tarnawski

Online Retailer : Wolverhampton

He was a secondary school teacher in one of the ‘worst’ schools in the country. Now, 3 kids Sophia, Elise and Jaco, Phil along with his wife Abbey have transformed from a small wood cutting business in their garage to a large national online retailer

Secure Your Seat & Start The Fellowship Application Process


... That MADE The Decision To JOIN To The Fellowship

I know what you're thinking... "Charlie, The Fellowship sounds exactly like what I've been looking for, BUT in order to apply, I need to know what I can expect in return for my investment?"

Truth is that question is impossible for me to answer.

See, I don't yet know you or how committed you are too pushing your business forward and taking back control. That said, I do track the numbers, so let me now show you what the average men around the table did last year when they decided to step-up and take back control.


Or in other words, the average return on investment for our Fellowship Members is £21.49 for every £1 that they have invested. Which made for an average ...

Annual Revenue Increase of £140,046*

Do you see what is possible when you double down on YOU.

It's why if you want a good investment I suggest you fill out an application and apply for your seat around the table today. If you are like the men that have trodden this path before, then take my word, it will do what you want

...BUT here's the thing, you are the only one who can convince yourself that it's right.

* Pre-tax numbers based on the information collected from members that were in The Fellowship from Jan 1st 2019 - Jan 1st 2020.

Secure Your Seat & Start The Fellowship Application Process

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