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A Naive Thought About The Current War On Eyeballs…

July 15, 2021  

By Charlie Hutton

July 15, 2021

So seems Tuesday hit a new record.

It only took 152 seconds after the email dropped, for the first naive comment about printed copies of my Iron Bulletin ‘newsletter’ to land…

“Charlie, why print it? Why not just sent it out as a PDF – that way it costs you nothing?!”

A rookie school of thought based on perceived cost rather than response, results or readership.

… Because here’s the thing right now, the war on eyeballs online (AKA attention), is a brutal bloodbath at best.

Case in point, on average, and today alone, you my friend will see:

  • … 121 emails.
  • … 138 websites.
  • And at least 5,000 ads.

… B-U-T, wanna know what I saw in my front door and letterbox when I got home?!

… This:

AKA – Nothing.

A ghost town and a place where there is:

  • Zero competition…
  • Zero opposition…
  • And zero challengers for my eyes and attention.

… And more importantly, a place where the wise can double down and show up like no one else.

Something that’s damn near impossible online or with a PDF.

Meaning when it comes to getting attention (AKA marketing), options are starting to come down to this:

  1. Do what’s free and get ignored
  2. Invest a little cash and get seen

An interesting lesson for any self-made man of value looking to put the hammer down and capitalise on the current economic window of opportunity…

… And once again proving the case for One Man Empire Iron Law #76:

“Always (Always) Do The Opposite Of Everyone Else”

… Especially when it comes to the dumb-fuckery that’s ripe and being taught by the internet marketing fraternity online.

Anyway that all said, if you missed Tuesday’s email and if you want to get a complimentary, PRINTED, copy through the door of this month’s Iron Bulletin – you can request it here:


It’s 100% free – no strings attached.

… But best be quick, as it hits the printing press tomorrow.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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